Meet The Owner

Destiny Guillory

  I’m Destiny, and I am a self-taught custom cake artist in Houston, Texas. I gained a passion for baking a little over two years ago now. First and foremost, I am the mother of an adorable and intelligent 3-year-old little girl.

My first cake came about around the time I started planning for my daughter’s first birthday party. We all know how hectic party planning for kids can get and I had such a hard time finding the right cake maker. Some cakes may look gorgeous and taste otherwise, or maybe it just doesn’t meet the expectations one has. With that being said, I decided I wanted to try making a test cake and see how it went. I ended up going with someone else, so I guess it’s safe to say it was an epic fail, lol.

I had no idea making a cake would be so difficult! Instead of giving up and pursuing another hobby as I normally would, that fail set me out on a mission to perfect the best cake flavors and to perfect my decorative skill. I instantly began buying supplies, reading a ton of baking blogs and watching YouTube videos. I started making cakes for my household, family and friends occasionally.

Eventually, I took a break from baking. As I started to see my skills growing, I was determined to make and fulfill Imari’s third birthday cake. I told myself, “This is the best time for me to learn all I possibly can", and for months I didn't bake. Instead, I would get on YouTube and watch cake tutorials from sun up to sun down. As the week before her birthday party approached, I started preparing cake layers and icing to put the final product together.

IT WAS A SUCCESS!! All of my guests loved the cake. From the appearance, to the smell, all the way down to the taste it was PERFECT. That is when I realized customizing cakes would be my forever passion. I immediately started getting requests when the images surfaced the web and Cake Me Please became a business from that day forward. My daughter’s birthday cake made a new living for us.

 Since then, I have also expanded the menu of party treats offered. We can't wait to service you and make you a part of our family!!

-Destiny, xoxo.